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Cheating in at School , High School and College

On Tests:
For those who lack the improvisation needed for the final form I cheating I recommend this one. It is simple. When you start taking the check, look at the person(s) paper(s) that is close to you & copy their answers. Make definite the one that you are copying the answers from is smarter than you. Nothing worse than cheating & doing worse than you would have in the event you had guessed.

Straight Copying: Most basic kind of cheating.


  - Best chance of getting a lovely grade next to a smart person

  - Obtainable when a pop quiz is given.

  - If the check is a short answer check you can get an idea of what to write.


  - That other person(s) might be dull.

  - much attention to the other persons check may give you away.

  - In the event you are one number down on a scantron then you are fucked. (ex. You put their #2 as your #3)

  - They dont have the same check form as you.

On Home work:
For those who procrastinate till the very finish such as myself. Or those who actually try to do the home work but cant figure it out. This. Before the class, borrow a friend/girlfriends paper & copy it. Dont duplicate word for word. Otherwise you have a lovely shot at getting caught.


  - Saves you the hard work of bringing home your books & hopefully avoiding Scoliosis.


  - Very simple yet measure.

  - On short answers or essays this seldom works. Lots of sentence manipulation is necessary.

  - If it is graded that other person might have completed worse than you would have in the event you put forth some hard work.

Making a Cheat Sheet: The act notes and/equations on a piece so that you have access to them on a check.


Piece of paper in your clothes:

One of the most eof cheating,  tiny bits of information. This will let you jot down one last tiny bit of information before the check without looking suspicious.


    - Do not rip a piece of paper calm. This is a dead give away.

    - Type it in the event you require lots of information.

    - Wear a sweatshirt. This gives you multiple access points: up the sleeve, in the pouch, on the inside I have found on the palm side of your sleeve works the best.

    - Only put the sheet under the check as a last resort. This is the most noticeable forms of cheating & will ruin your day.

    - Relax. Dont bite straight at your paper the whole make eye contact with the teacher. Look in their at his/her eyes.

  - Lets you have a hard copy of equations or answers.


  - In the event you require an it is hard to get one when you have it on paper.


  - Can sometimes generate in the work of class.

  - In the event you sit next to much integrity they will rat on you.

  - Gives the teacher hard proof in the event you are caught.

Attached to a hat:
A most ingenious process passed down to me from a fellow cheater. Tape the paper/equations/notes to the inside of your hat. Keep the hat on while jogging in to the class. Then, two times the check has started casually take the hat off laying it topside down so you have a clear view of the answers.

  - Teacher wont let you wear hats in class.

  - The teacher walks around the room in the work of the check.

  - Allows the teacher to see any eye movement. Dont be rigid or flit your eyes around. Casually look around, rest your eyes on the notes, scan, then look back down. Dont get in to any process or pattern.

  - Causes you to make a awkward movement that might catch a teachers attention.

Inside of a water bottle:
This is one of the more complicated methods of cheating. It involves sticking your notes to the inside of your water bottle so that in the work of the check you can have a safely concealed batch of notes. In order to pull this off successfully you will require to remove the wrapper around the water bottle with minimal tearing. Then, you require to put the notes either on that wrapper or glue paper to the inside so that it stays. After, put the wrapper back on as tight as you can. I recommend using superglue or cement glue. If the wrapper falls off you are completed.


  - This is still in the beginning stages of being exploited, only a few teachers would see this one coming.

Using Music:
This is one of the most ridiculous forms of cheating & in my view ought to only be used for those who lack the skill to pull off a successful cheat. Fundamentally in order to pull this off you are committing as much work to record to the disk or MP3 player as it would in the event you had completed it the honest to god way. Since I dont recommend using this I will give you a brief idea. Youll require a microphone & a computer. Record whatever notes you require onto the computer & then transfer them to the Ipod or CD Player. When you are in class you are going to put your headphones in your ears but keep them covered by a hat/hair/hoody.

  - Very discreet way to get answers without a neighbor possibly interfering to aid or hurt you



  - The most info you will ever have access to.
  - Very technical.

  - impossible to set up.
  - In the event you go past the notes you needed then you will must do lots of work to get back to that portion of the disk or MP3.
  - All in all in the event you resort to this then you admit defeat.

Submitted by TheMaker420
Student IDs:
At lots of schools you require to wear IDs, & the simple way to cheat on vocab tests or anything like that, you can write it on the back of your ID & look at it in the work of the test/quiz. Two times again, to pull off a successful cheat be definite that some time is put in to this. Dont half ass it & finish up having it fall off so that the teacher sees. Use some double sided tape so that you can put the sheet on the back & it doesnt look like anything is puffed up.

  - Simple & simple way to cheat.



  - Lets you walk in with the smug satisfaction of having the answers on your check & the teacher not even knowing.

  - Possibly difficult for lots of to pull off in the event you are still new to cheating.

  - Teachers might ask you to take these off & put them away.

  so what i mean is that post my cheating strategy by YOU! cant you write stuff in that website so cant you write my cheat & say by YFZRYDN. & then in chat box i am the actual one who invented that! i am a lovely MASTER. & AGAIN I AM THE EPIC TRIPLE POST. o yea you know the washroom cheat this cheat is similar but different. ofcourse again put your notes in the locker & then take the check. say to the teacher that i require to go to washroom emergency!(act tremendous dramatic) (do the cheat if your class is far away from your locker) (if its close to the locker use the washroom cheat) than in lieu of going to the washroom go to your locker memorize your note & come back to class. IT IS VERY SIMPLE

  - In the event you do get caught nigh impossible to ditch the proof or act dumb.

first bring your notes with you & then put it in your pocket later ask your teachers to go to wasroom. ofcourse you require to act like your destperate & then you go to the washroom bring your answer sheet with & then MEMORIZE it quickly or the teacher will get suspicious & you can only do it two times

its the BELT trick first write the answers on your belt ofcourse the teacher can see it so this is the way you do wear a close that covers your belt than when you take the check pull you shirt a lttle bit to see your answers when the teacher comes act like you are wirting
What to Avoid at ALL Costs:

This much wraps up my cheating guide. In the event you can think of anything I ought to add let me know. I will take some pics & add them to the post so that people can have a visual.

1. In the work of the check relax, stay calm, & dont be jumpy. Most importantly though, do not look at the teachers eyes. You might as well put on a damn clown outfit & start leaping up & down in the work of the check.
2. Dont be an fool when it comes to telling people. The more people you tell the higher your odds are of anyone ratting you out. Cheating is great, but getting caught isnt. The less people know about it the less of a chance you will have of pulling it off successfully
3. When generating cheat sheets make definite you put some hard work in to it. If the print is scribbled or tiny then you will be making much movement. Any kind of awkward movement will make you look suspicious & then the teacher will be making a mental note of you.
4. Other students are as much of a threat as teachers are. Dont permit yourself to think that the one that spent 5 hours studying to receive a lovely grade is going to let you cheat.
5. Sit in the midst of the class. Preferably behind a bigger student. Also note that if the teacher barely recognizes you or knows your name the better off you are. Regrettably I had a giant mouth in school so I had to be cautious with my habits.
6. Dont be an fool & put the answers on your binder because a plastic sheet keeps it inside. Usually you require to put it all in your bag anyways.

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